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A few interesting purchases that you may want to know about

Ruse on April 11, 2015 at 5:25 am

Yes, there are way too many options and far too many nice things out there to just choose one and be done with it. So a variety of things it is in my basket today…

Dischem I see are stocking a larger range of false lashes and they are really pretty. The Eylure lashes are reusable and if you look after them, last for quite a while. There is a fairly large selection to suite all needs. Staying with lashes, the Tweezerman products are a bit more pricey, but certainly worth the spend. Try the lash curler. It comes with additional rubber inserts which are always handy. Then you cannot go wrong with a Maybelline mascara. The new Rocket mascara is as good as all the others in the range. Definitely worth looking at.

What is a shopping trip without lip and cheek purchases? I thought I would try the Revlon ColorStay range. Not too bad at all. A good range of colours available!! The blush I chose is the Rose 001 and is a perfect colour for any season. It is quite light so would suite light to medium tone skins, although it could be built up for darker skin tones. Lip liners…yes, a MUST. Essence have the cheapest, creamy, great range. Worth purchasing in every colour available. They have a transparent one too which is fantastic to use on the outer rim of the lips to eliminate “bleeding” of lipstick. These lipliners are all under R20!

For the nails, the colours and brands are endless. Sally Hansen has launched a new range of gel polishes. A two-step, no light required process which claims to last for 2 weeks. The colours are pretty. I like the range of colours in the “normal” polish range has anyway and when applied well I believe your polish can last for up to 7 days without chipping. Mavala have launched a new gel top coat and it works like a bomb. (Also no light required.) I use it once I have applied base, 2 coats of colour, a quick drying top coat and my mani lasts for around 7 days no chips.

Happy shopping!



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