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The Beauty Blender…worth the purchase?

Ruse on February 25, 2015 at 1:52 pm

This little “sponge” is a GEM! Once you have used one, you will not be able to get along without one again. There are a number of dupes, however they do not feel as soft and light as the original does.

The way it works is that the sponge is immersed in water to completely wet it. It was designed to be used WET only. This way your makeup is not absorbed by the sponge but is evenly distributed onto the skin. It honestly looks as if the makeup has been airbrushed onto the skin. Flawless and beautiful. So the way in which to use the blender is; once it has been saturated in water, squeeze then towel dry and simply dip into your makeup and bounce, roll and press onto the skin for a dewy, flawless look.

This hydrophilic sponge is latex free. It absorbs water so that the makeup is not absorbed into the sponge but evenly deposited onto the skin.

To clean the sponge, it is best to use the cleansing solution for the beauty blender or the Solid bar. You do not want to use products with glycollic or salicylic acid in which will break down the structure of the sponge and make it break up (fall apart).

The beauty blender can be used for foundation, contouring, blush and powder. Highly, highly recommended!!



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