Can we ever have enough lip products??? Palladio have some surprises... - Ruse

Can we ever have enough lip products??? Palladio have some surprises…

Ruse on March 21, 2015 at 12:43 pm

In the never-ending quest to find a perfect lipliner (besides the ones I already own!), I stumbled upon a range of lip products I have not yet used.

The Palladio range of makeup has a variety of products which covers almost everything, but I specifically was looking at the lipliners when I spotted the lipsticks. To my surprise, they are really great, very creamy and smell delicious which are added bonuses. They are very reasonably priced too for the quality. Most certainly worth looking at if you are in need of some lipsticks. There is a reasonably large range of colours available too.

The Palladio herbal precision lipliners are very, very nice. There wasn’t a huge range of colours available when I went but those that were there were great basic colours. These lipliners really stay put and are creamy and easy to apply.

Another lipstick range I love is Maybelline which is also very creamy and they smell just as delicious, with colours that are so beautiful.

Who can resist a MAC cremesheen lipstick? Went in to buy the Soft and Gentle highlighter and saw the “Fanfare” lipstick and had to have it! Love these cremesheen lipsticks especially when lips are a bit more dry.

Happy shopping!



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