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Dealing with negativity, envy, bullying

Ruse on July 31, 2015 at 7:37 am

We all come into this world in exactly the same way. The circumstances vary, but the manner in which we enter, just our naked selves attached to an umbilical cord, is the same for every single person. When we die, we all leave in the same way, with nothing attached. So what we manage to gather and acquire is left right here. My belief is to enjoy what we can; reasonably! So to acquire an item and to store it away does not feature for me. Why? It is there to be appreciated and used. Whatever it may be. A beautiful piece of jewellery (whether it is an expensive one or not), an item of clothing, a painting, a chocolate…Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Life can seem unfair at times, however we have to make the most of our own individual situations. To envy what someone else has is to cause yourself unnecessary pain and suffering because the envy is not going to give you that life. (To work hard for something, and to eventually be able to purchase it for yourself is such a satisfying experience, why would you want it any other way?)

If you want what another has, you need to be prepared to do what they do, and experience what they experience to get it and are you prepared to do all that? Some are of course (except endure pain, illness and heartache of course). Nobody looks at someone they deem to envy and thinks “I want everything they have warts and all..”

So, as the individual who may be exposed to bullying, envy, jealousy, all these nasty evil things, I say turn away.

You honestly have no control over what others think and feel. The best thing you can do is to stay positive and happy. You cannot try to convince a nasty person that you are actually nice when all they see is everything you have is what they really want. Enjoy what you have. Share with those who appreciate and love you. Try to help those truly in need. Don’t hide your designer watch/clothes/car/bag because you fear what people will think! They are going to think it anyhow.

Stay true to yourself and at the end of every single day be sure that you know your conscience is absolutely clear because after all, all we really do have is a limited amount of TIME here…



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