Henri Bendel Haul, see what is available and oh so beautiful! - Ruse

Henri Bendel Haul, see what is available and oh so beautiful!

Ruse on March 18, 2015 at 2:20 pm

I know that there are plenty of people out there who simply adore clothes, shoes, handbags, make-up etc. I of course, am no exception and each time I see a pair of shoes a handbag or piece of jewellery that makes me just feel happy, I think of my gran. She too loved these things. Funny how we take after people in certain ways, and I definitely inherited her love of fashion (and gadgets lol).

One place that I find almost impossible to resist and thankfully I do not live in New York, is Henri Bendel. Since my discovery of this store, I have been mesmerised. The thing that makes it even more appealing to me is that these items are only sold in their own stores and not at any other location (department stores or outlets). You are not going to see every second person with the same item you have which is great!

The store is over 100 years old and the Flagship store on 5th avenue in New York City was the one I was privileged enough to shop at when we visited in January. Henri Bendel is one of the only brands who pre-treat their leather and all bags are satin lined. Of course they have a range of other products too such as jewellery, gadgets, candles etc. (see website henribendel.com for all the lovely details.)

Now this time I wanted a light grey bag, and what did I eventually settle for but the West 57th Carryall – again! Such a classic, and oh so pretty. This 100% saffiano leather bag is durable and strong, but beautifully crafted and elegant. Inside there are two open inner pockets and interior zippered pocket and pouch. There are also two large zippered compartments. A magnetic closure at the top and the bag ensures it stays closed however it can also expand when the studs are opened on the sides for more interior space. There is a long crossbody adjustable strap (removable) and of course the hinged handles (everything you could possibly want). This range comes in a variety of colours.

All the other bits and bobs in the pics below are for travel convenience such as a device charger, a contact lense case, a cute cosmetic bag etc. They are all in the very desirable Henri Bendel brown and white stripes. So darn cute!

As always, the great assistance received from Sharon at Henri Bendel is to be commended. The staff both in-store and on-line are really professional, friendly and most helpful.

So happy shopping!



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