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New York shopping experience

Ruse on February 11, 2015 at 9:03 am

I am back! Wishing everyone all be it late, a very Happy and Prosperous 2015.

So, everyone said we were absolutely crazy to visit New York in January. It is cold and miserable and we were asked what on earth we were going to do. Well the answer to that was EVERYTHING! No crowds and queues to stand in and of course we planned everything down to the last detail months in advance. The New York Pass is a wonderful thing!! From the Statue of Liberty in the snow to the Empire building, Rockefeller Centre, Times Square, The New York Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Bridge, Broadway, The Russian Tea Room, you name it, we did it. Even got in without waiting for 1 minute, at Grimaldi’s for the famous pizza.

The shopping…is fabulous, as you would know or guess. Everything your heart could desire. Clothes are cheaper than here in South Africa on sale and the make-up is out of this world. I managed to get all the make-up I so badly wanted. Considering what we pay here, it was reasonable. Sephora and Macy’s are just something else!

Of course there are the most amazing designer stores. Michael Kors had some stunning new bags out (see mandarin colour bag below) and a store I did not know (and have come to LOVE) Henri Bendel has the most unbelievably beautifully crafted handbags. I purchased the blue bag below from them and have since ordered another bag. The staff are just so efficient and friendly, both in store and online! Sharon is in the personal services department and I have been communicating with her, she is really a Superstar! See pics on my Pinterest under handbags for more.

We found the service unbelievable in New York. Top class. The people are genuinely interested in you and are friendly, helpful and very efficient without crowding you. It was a very pleasant surprise!

Overall we loved the experience and obviously look forward to going back again!



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