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Social media, cellphones, communication galore but manners, where are they?

Ruse on August 13, 2015 at 8:40 am

We are supposedly more socially advanced and are able to communicate so much easier with people all over the world (and beyond) however when it comes to the person standing next to you things look slightly awry.

Most people today have a cellphone, internet connections and various devices with which to communicate and relay messages. We send out social messages galore, but what are we really saying? Instead of being able to look at the person we are with in the moment and communicate with them, we sit on the phone or look around, displaying terrible boredom with the company. We say so much, but we don’t actually say enough.

People get angry, are stalking, hacking, destroying reputations just by sitting behind their devices. If we don’t like something, instead of taking it up with the individual, nasty mails or messages are sent. When we sit in restaurants and place an order, do we look the person in the eye when we talk to them? People do not say please and thank you anymore! These words don’t seem to exist in the vocabulary of a lot of people.

So we have the ability to communicate with more people more often, but we simply do not know or remember the basic rules of engagement. Greeting someone and actually acknowledging them by looking at them. Spending time with a person but engaging in communication with others not actually physically with you at the time is the height of rudeness. It shouts “your company is boring and not good enough for me”. Actually TALKING to another individual also seems to be a lost skill for many.

If you do not have the courage to tell a person face to face what you are saying in an electronic message, then that message should NOT be sent. We are so very privileged to be in a position to communicate with people the world over, but we need to stop and appreciate the people around us too. It appears that along with our development in one area, we have regressed in another.

The world can be a very tough place, should we really be making it tougher by simply not having manners? Is it really so difficult to ask “may I assist you?” with a smile on your face. Is it really so difficult to respond with a “Thank you, I am….”?

All basics begin at home and if there are no rules there, we are doomed. If you allow your children to come to the table with their devices (assuming you at least have a meal at the table together), you are creating the monsters. If this is what you as parents do yourselves, look at the bad example you are setting!

The world does move at a very fast pace and nobody wants to be left behind, however things go on as if you were never there when you die, don’t waste precious time. Having manners is very attractive and neutralises nastiness!



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