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What is the point of a customer survey really?

Ruse on August 12, 2015 at 7:39 am

Each time a product or service is sold, it seems we are contacted either via email or phone to take part in one survey or another. The amount of time, resources and money spent on these surveys are surely mind-blowing and in the end the price tag is added to the end product which you and I pay for!

What is achieved? So the survey is conducted, the results are recorded and the relevant people are informed of the outcome, but what changes? Too many times, NOTHING! If a complaint is lodged about insufficient of bad service, is there follow-up? If there is outrage over pricing, is this adjusted? (Not to say it should be, but staff should be able to justify WHY the price is what it is, reasonably!) What is done about the feedback from these surveys?

If a business is going to go to all the trouble of conducting a survey, then they need to be prepared to address every single issue that arises from that survey. All customers need feedback if they have raised an issue. The staff need to be very well prepared and trained to deal with what the potential issues are that could arise. It is highly unprofessional to leave a customer hanging. If you ask someone “Are you happy with our service?” and the answer is “No because the person dealing with me was unprofessional and did not do what I asked.” There would be an expectation from the customer that they would receive some sort of feedback. A simple, “thank you for your contribution, we apologise for your bad experience, we will try to rectify the situation” or “these are the reasons your expectations could not be met”… are some of the feedback answers expected by participants of surveys. Of course there are customers who simply complain for the sake of it, however, don’t give anyone unnecessary ammunition!

If the survey is simply conducted to see the numbers – how many people are happy, how many are not, then you are at risk of antagonizing people unnecessarily. Time is money. Today, with social media everyone has the ability to voice their dissatisfaction publicly. Why add to it by not responding to a complaint and try to defuse a potentially nasty situation?

Do I want to complete surveys? NO. Do I complete surveys? YES. Why? Because I know that it does help in SOME instances and because it should be indicative to a business of their service levels (good or bad). It does make me mad however if I have been specifically contacted, gone through the whole process of explaining an issue only to be left hanging.

Every single person participating in a survey needs to fully understand the importance, significance and process involved in a survey. Proper training is imperative and feedback is not negotiable. Depending on the issue raised, the feedback should be conducted by a more senior level person to ensure customer loyalty is not compromised.

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